Don’t call her “queen”.

In October, City Girls member, JT, finished a year-long prison stint for credit card fraud. Upon being released, she dropped a “First Day Out” freestyle, as is customary. “Pulled in and out of prison like a drive-thru / Audemars waitin’ on me ’cause the time flew”, JT rapped. Based on these bars, it’s evident that JT carries herself like the commander-in-chief, but don’t call her a “queen”. 

JT took to Twitter to lay down some ground rules for those trying to slide in her DMs. While it’s common for men to try to gas women up by obsequiously referring to them as “queens”, JT isn’t here for that. “Don’t be in my dm talking bout ‘queen’ bitch I’m a gang member!”, the rapper reminded her followers. She offered an alternate means for prospects to express their interest in her. “You right I’m a QUEEN GANG MEMBER address me as such.”

JT previously dated Lil Yachty, but once she returned from prison, she exposed him for being an disloyal boyfriend while she was locked up. She claimed that he cheated on her and barely stayed in contact. That being said, JT is on the market, but demanding top-quality suitors. If you’re gonna shoot your shot, you better abide by her instructions. However, based on her recent Instagram posts, JT looks like she’s thriving on her own.