The A$AP Rocky glee is contagious.

Not even a harrowing arrest and subsequent incarceration could keep A$AP Rocky from European soil. Following a scary situation in which Flacko found himself facing assault charges in Sweden, Rocky has since returned to the scene of the incident, this time under far more uplifting circumstances. His current Instagram story reveals a gleeful Rocky in the thick of it all, surrounding by Swedish fans and happily declaring his triumphant return. “We in Sweden right now,” he yells, smiling amidst cheering youth. “We had to come through the slums. Shout out to the people out here!”

His story continues, revealing that he linked up with a few Swedish artists including a fourteen-year-old producer. “What’s up ya’ll, A$AP Rocky in Sweden, live and direct. I got an announcement for ya’ll. I’m mad happy I’m here. Now we in the suburbs, they call it the no-go zones. We here checking out our people, letting them know we care about them. Today I’m throwing a concert. Anybody that lives in the suburbs in Sweden, they get free admission to my show tonight. Anybody from the suburbs.”

He continues, extending his invite to anybody from “the slums” as well. “Anybody from what they call an immigrant community, none of ya’ll have to pay for my show,” he declares. “All of ya’ll get in free. Whoever from the hood, they get in free.” You can check out the full story on Rocky’s IG page right here, while it remains up, as well as a clip captured by R/hiphopheads below.