Lifetime unveiled the trailer for “Surviving R. Kelly Pt II: The Reckoning” earlier today.

R. Kelly has been under fire all year long after the release of Surviving R. Kelly. The Lifetime docuseries resurfaced age-old allegations of sexual abuse towards women and girls at the hands of R. Kelly. Although he’s maintained his innocence, he’s now behind bars as he awaits trial on state and federal charges stemming from the 90s to present.

Drea Kelly did appear in the first series but she’s not happy with her inclusion in the sequel’s trailer. According to TMZ, Drea Kelly isn’t pleased at her inclusion in the new trailer because it makes it seem like she was involved when she wasn’t. She explained that she had a list of reasons why she declined to participate. She attempted to try and disassociate herself and her family from the follow-up but clearly, Lifetime was after ratings. 

Drea explained that she already received major public backlash for her appearance and had more issues with the network and production company behind it. Even after making it abundantly clear she didn’t want Lifetime to contact her, her kids, or her family members about Part II, Lifetime ignored her and proceeded with their business. She said, “she has no involvement, did not approve any footage or stills of her likeness and is not actively promoting, nor consulting the follow-up series.”

It’s interesting how Lifetime is trying to make it seem as if they’re doing good by the survivors when Drea Kelly stated that they did very little to ensure the security, safety and provide support for the victims of Kelly’s alleged crimes.