We needed another collab from them!

At the top of the summer, Future and Lil Baby shared their collaboration, “Out the Mud”. While the music video that dropped in September has garnered 21 million views on YouTube so far, the song still feels a tad underappreciated. Upon hearing “Out the Mud”, it becomes immediately obvious that the Atlanta rappers make an amazing duo, both of them being some of the most inventive flow-makers in the game. 

It’s unclear whether “Out the Mud” was meant to serve as a single off Lil Baby’s forthcoming album – which still has no expected released date – but a snippet of another collaboration between him and Future surfacing may suggest that a joint project is in the works. I don’t want to get hopes up that this might be the case, but there’s a good chance this song will be released soon, as it would serve as great way to generate hype for their concert together in January. Lil Baby and Future have been promoting their “No Place Like Home” show, which will take place in Atlanta on January 19. The short video that teases the song shows that it has a repetitive hook centered on “finessing and trapping” and it sounds very promising. Either Future and Lil Baby’s crews were just hanging outside of a convenience store or they were in the midst of shooting a music video. 

In regards to other ATLien collaborations, Lil Baby and Gunna are continuing to tease that they have more music on the way.