Meek Mill is living the life we all want.

If this ain’t goals, I don’t know what is. When people envision the life of a superstar, they usually picture the exotic cars, expensive homes, and late nights on the town. Perhaps sold-out arenas and high-profile interviews also come to mind. The rich and famous have exclusive services offered to them that those in a lower tax bracket simply cannot afford. For starters, celebrities get a whole lot of free designer clothing on the regular. They’ve usually also got enough pull to land free vacations and stays at lavish resorts. One thing that we usually skip over when thinking about the lives of our favorite rappers though is the haircuts on the beach.

Meek Mill has been levelling up exponentially since his release from prison last year, dropping his Championships album and lobbying for a serious change in the justice system. He’s been a leader when it comes to prison reform but, in his off-time, Meek Mill loves to flex as much as the next guy. The Philadelphia-based recording artist took to social media today to show off how he’s spending his day, checking his phone on the beach while his personal barber lines him up for the day ahead of him. Topping it all off, Meek wore a Louis Vuitton poncho to catch any stray hairs coming off his dome. 

Meek Mill, you are living a good life. Enjoy it. Check out the photo below and get back to your regular life.