Future has some explaining to do.

Future is a man who tries to live his life in private but much of his personal business spills into the public one way or another. The rapper’s been dealing with paternity issues with two women who claim that he’s the father of their children. Eliza Seraphin and Cindy Parker have alleged that Future is the father of their children and have attempted to take legal action against him.

Now, Future’s kept relatively silent throughout all of this while Seraphin and Parker have not. It appears as though the two have now taken DNA test results to prove that they’ve taken DNA tests to prove that their children are, in fact, half-siblings. Eliza shared the results on her Instagram page which indicates that the two are related by blood as half-siblings. 

“DNA testing was done to determine siblingship of the alleged siblings. Based on results obtained from the analyses of the DNA loci listed, the probability of the half-siblingship is 99.999996%. The likelihood that they share a common biological parent in 30,462,556 to 1,” the results read.

“Legend can be avoided. Even the court system can be avoided. However, one thing that is for sure, is charity starts at the home and family is everything, regardless of the circumstances,” Parker wrote on Instagram along with a post of the DNA results. “This probability of siblingship is calculated by comparing to an untested, unrelated random individual of the Black population (assumes prior probability equals 0.50).”