A1 & Lyrica were going through it at the Love & Hip Hop reunion.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is in the thick of its reunion at the moment and emotions are running high. It is no secret that the Love & Hip Hop franchise relies on high-drama and high-stake situations to engage its viewers. And although much entertainment stems from watching castmembers fight, there are also moments where we take a step back and shed a few tears. A lot of couples and their relationship on the show get tested continuously throughout the season. And with the overwhelming pressure stemming from being in the public eye, we can only imagine how difficult it must be for some to stay together. Lyrica and A1 are representative of such couples who have gone through difficult times together and so publicly. With luring allegations of infidelity and more marital transgressions, the couple has been going through it and all of it came out during the highly anticipated reunion.