The singer needs to keep working.

There’s still a serious assault case looming over YK Osiris’s head and the young singer has been hoping that it won’t stand in the way of his career. A little over a month ago, YK Osiris was arrested in connection with an alleged assault that took place in Atlanta in September. According to reports, the singer’s now-ex-girlfriend claims that he became violent after she confronted him about a woman’s photo in his phone.

The woman stated that an argument ensued resulting in Osiris choking her and biting her on the cheek. TMZ previously reported that investigators had photos to corroborate the woman’s story which is why they decided to take the singer into custody. Although he hasn’t been officially charged, the outlet now shares that YK Osiris’s legal team has been working diligently to make sure he’s cleared for frequent travel.

TMZ claims they’ve obtained legal documents that state a Georgia judge had approved Osiris’s request to jet-set back and forth from California to Georgia for recording sessions. Because the case is pending, the singer needed to get a judge to sign off on his movements. Osiris reportedly has denied all accusations against him and may have witnesses who will support his side of the story.