Recently, TMZ caught up with Blueface and asked the rapper about news that surfaced noting the former bodyguards for Tekashi wouldn’t be coming back, no matter how much money they were offered.

Blueface noted the bodyguards are smart, and that the issue is life or death at that point, given what Tekashi did. Watch above.

source: TMZ

It looks like Tekashi may have to figure out a new situation to keep himself safe once he gets out of prison, as the former bodyguards for the rapper allegedly said they won’t be working for the rapper anymore, and that no amount of money would bring them back.

Sources close to the bodyguards noted that they feel the rapper put them in danger before he got sent to prison, so him ratting and getting out will only escalate the issues. Because of that, the security guards are not taking on the task of keeping him safe.

The former bodyguards are also allegedly upset at the issues in the street they were forced to deal with because of Tekashi and his antics, which they say come from him being a “fake gangster.” Stay tuned for more details.

source: TMZ