A Maryland police officer has been suspended after a video was released of Delonte West being handcuffed and questioned by police after being involved in an altercation with a man. 

An officer can be heard asking West, “Why’d you hit him? Did he attack you first? Self-defense? Or did you hit him?” West told the officer, “Walkin’ down the street and he approached me with a gun. I’m the real f**king president.”

Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski addressed the situation and revealed that an internal investigation is being conducted to determine how the video was released to the public. Stawinski added that the officer in the interaction has been suspended, and he “will be dealt with harshly” if the investigation reveals he was behind the video’s release.

Details of West’s altercation with the man were also revealed, as officers say Delonte and the other man knew one another. They reportedly got into an argument earlier in the day, and both refused to press charges and they also refused medical treatment. 

Source: USA Today