Earlier this week, a video went viral of a white rapper named William Wolf who was in the middle of a battle against another rapper while in a room full of black people. While rapping against the man, he used the n-word, which prompted his opponent to punch him in the mouth.

Since then, TMZ has caught up with Boosie who gave his take on the situation. It’s probably just a bad situation for him,” Boosie said. “I done had white, close white friends call me ‘my n***a, you know. You can’t do that [in] certain situations. You gotta know how to say that word. In a battle rap you dissin’. In a battle rap, it’s different. It’s aggression.”

He continued saying, “They was supposed to bust him in his s**t, they did the right thing. If you were trying to be derogatory with it, like you was trying to be offense-ful with it, and that’s something that you can’t do being who you are. That’s why it happened.”