Recently, footage surfaced of Jay-Z and Beyonce sitting down during the national anthem a the Super Bowl, which caused much backlash. Now, Colin Kaepernick has taken to IG to express his thoughts on the move, essentially calling out Hov.

Kaepernick posted a screenshot of a TMZ article on his story that featured a headline talking about Jay and Beyonce sitting, along with the caption “I thought we were ‘past kneeling’ tho?” This is in reference to Jay-Z’s sit down with the NFL where he was asked about kneeling and responded by saying “I think we’re past that.” Take a look above.

Although Jay-Z has partnered with the NFL, he took the time to show where his mindset was at with all the controversy surrounding his decision to partner with the league. While Demi Lovato was singing the national anthem for the Super Bowl, Jay-Z and Beyoncé could be seen siting down while everyone else around them was practically standing up.

Even while sitting down, Jay-Z could be seen giving people handshakes and smiling despite the statement made from sitting which many are comparing to Kaepernick’s kneel. Watch above.

source: TMZ