E-40 took to Instagram to reveal that he met up with Richie Rich to squash their beef. He shared a photo of their meeting, writing, “Just finished up a Boss Talk wit my Guy @tharealrichierich I got alotta history wit that dude’ now we back on the same page .” 

This comes after Richie Rich put E-40 on “48-hour notice” for calling him a “snitch” in response to a post Richie shared of E-40 wearing Raiders gear. Richie’s post sparked a tense back and forth between the two entertainers, and fans applauded them for quickly squashing things. 

Richie Rich grabbed attention on social media at the beginning of the week after putting E-40 on “48-hour notice” for calling him a “snitch.” 

While some people were confused over what started the beef, internet sleuths revealed that the back-and-forth started after Richie Rich posted a photo of E-40 wearing Raiders gear. For a die-hard 49ers fan, E-40 took offense to Richie Rich’s post, which read, “My n***a switched up on me. Just FYI, Earl really likes me, we just bump heads from time to time.” 

E-40 responded to Richie Rich by asking why he didn’t say anything about E-40’s cousin, rapper B-Legit, being a huge Raiders fan. Richie Rich then revealed that he called E-40 over the social media posts, and he says that E-40 hung up on him after calling him a “b*tch.” You can read the full post above.