He compares their relationship to that of a master and slave.

Nick Cannon and Eminem have had beef for what feels like forever, but fuel was added to the fire this past year when Em dissed the TV personality on Fat Joe’s “Lord Above” in December. Nick fired back with multiple diss tracks, which Em promptly ignored, and the former subsequently declared himself the winner of the feud. Nick recently sat down with VladTV to discuss the matter, disclosing that Em’s team did indeed approach him citing that they “don’t want no problems” and insisting that Eminem is absolutely “not going to say anything.” As for 50 Cent coming to Em’s defense with an attack on Nick? “He’s supposed to,” Nick said. “That’s his boss!” 

While he thinks that people can “choose to believe” the claim that Fif told Em to ignore Nick’s disses, ultimately, he knows Em asked Fif to do his dirty work for him because Fif is a “slave” to Em, he implies. “Eminem’s Leonardo DiCaprio and 50 Cent’s Samuel L. Jackson [from Django Unchained],” he declares, referring back to a photo he posted of the Quentin Tarantino film’s master and slave characters as a response to Fif’s compromising photo of him wearing a mankini. He feels that, since Fif “picks fights with everybody,” it was less of a risk for him to go after Nick than for Em to fight his own battles.

At the end of the day, though, Nick is not afraid of anyone, especially not Eminem. “It’s disrespectful to God to be afraid of any man,” he believes. “I’m not scared of him because he can put some words together…Dr. Seuss can rhyme.” Watch the whole clip below: