Kevin Hart demands Montia Sabbag’s sex tape lawsuit gets tossed in court on claims that he was improperly served the papers.

Kevin Hart wants Montia Sabbag’s sex tape lawsuit against him thrown out of court because the process server simply left the legal documents in his driveway. According to TMZ, the comedian has filed a motion to have Sabbag’s case dismissed because the process server “simply threw a set of papers out of a car window in view of a security guard” outside the gate of his house.

His security guard took a picture that showed papers lying on the ground next to the process server’s car as he was reversing out of the driveway. Since the security guard claimed that he didn’t live at the residence, he wasn’t authorized to accept the papers. Because of the improper service, Hart wants the suit thrown out.

Montia Sabbag filed a suit against Hart in September 2019 over the 2017 sex tape scandal claiming that the comedian and J.T. Jackson, the man who was charged for extortion, conspired with one another against her. She claimed Hart’s motivation was to stir up controversy for publicity’s sake ahead of his comedy tour. Hart has denied these allegations on numerous occasions, saying that he had no idea that their encounter was being filmed. Additionally, he’s argued that he’s also a victim of the extortion scandal. A judge has yet to rule. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.