50 Cent has been trying to get Rick Ross to testify in their ongoing legal dispute since last year, but he still can’t pull it off.

The feud between Rick Ross and 50 Cent has lasted for years and, at times, it’s gotten pretty ugly. The two iconic rappers have taken their beef from wax to the courtroom with both of them now being involved in the same lawsuit. 50 Cent has admitted that he is not fond of the Miami staple in the least bit, telling an interviewer recently that there isn’t a single thing that he respects about Ross. In regards to their legal spat, Fif has been trying to get the rapper to testify for months. HotNewHipHop reached out to John T. Rose, Esq., the legal representative for Rick
Ross, for an exclusive update to get a better look into what exactly has been going on between both sides.

If you’ve been following this case, you’re likely aware that a malpractice lawsuit was filed by 50 Cent against his former law firm related to the $7 million judgment awarded to Rick Ross in the lawsuit against his baby mother Lastonia Leviston. Many of Fiddy’s claims against Reed Smith, the law firm in question, have been dismissed and one of the major pieces that remain is whether the firm committed malpractice by failing to interview several key witnesses, including Rick Ross. Since the outcome of the lawsuit forced Fiddy to file for bankruptcy a few years ago, it makes sense why he would be so adamant to get this sorted out but, according to Rick Ross and his legal counsel, the way he has been going about it is all wrong.