update 03/12/2020 10:48am:

DaBaby spoke out after a woman named Tyronesha Laws claimed that she was the person that the “Suge” rapper slapped before his show in Tampa over the weekend. 

DaBaby’s attorney, Drew Findling, told TMZ that the video shows DaBaby slapping the person with a flash on their phone, which Laws said was a woman standing in front of her. Findling added that multiple people have contacted him claiming to be the victim, but they have yet to establish the real identity of the person who was slapped. 

Update 03/11/2020 10:11am:

Tyronesha Laws, the woman who was recently slapped by DaBaby spoke out for the first time to TMZ about the incident. In the video, Laws stated that she went to the hospital following the incident after having pain in her cheek. She added that doctors told her she had a contusion, or a bruise, on her cheek. 

While continuing to speak about the situation, Laws stated that it was a woman next to her that held the phone up to DaBaby’s face to take a photo, not her. However, Laws was slapped by the rapper, and she revealed to TMZ that she’s currently speaking with a lawyer, which you can hear more about above. 

Original 03/08/2020 2:32pm:

Previously, news surfaced that DaBaby slapped a woman while he was passing through a crowd at an afterparty, after the woman could be seen hitting him in his eye with her phone. The rapper was upset at the situation and offered $10,000 to whoever could identify the woman so he could get his lawyer on the situation. Now, DaBaby has taken to IG again to apologize to the woman for even slapping her in the first place.

DaBaby said “I do sincerely apologize. I do. I’m very sorry that there was a female on the other end of that flashlight on their phone… But you know, keep in mind, I couldn’t see you because you got the flash this close to me. Which is OK, it’s no problem… But fans—how many people know how to zoom in? Just zoom in instead of popping me in the motherf**kin’ eye with the phone. But I do apologize that there was a female on the other end… I think by this time, you know it’s a well known fact that male or female, I would’ve responded the same exact way.” He then offered to fly the woman out so he could have a convo with her in person and apologize to her face.