Hitmaka has been in the news for allegedly pistol-whipping a woman who claimed to be his girlfriend. However, the producer says that woman is not his girl, and that she tried to set him up in a home invasion robbery. Now, that same woman has been granted a restraining order against the producer.

Previously, the LAPD issued Talia Tilley an emergency protective order against Hitmaka, but the temporary order expired last week. Since then, the woman filed an extension, which was approved by a judge. This comes after the woman says she was beat by Hitmaka and held hostage in his house for hours.

source: TMZ

Update 03/21/2020 12:48pm:

Previously, reports surfaced saying Yung Berg aka Hitmaka allegedly pistol-whipped his girlfriend. However, the rapper noted that the woman was not his girlfriend, and that she actually tried to set him up in a home invasion robbery plot.

Since then, Hitmaka has taken to IG to reveal the woman allegedly only wants money in the situation after she says he assaulted her. In a now deleted post on Instagram, the producer posted a statement from Lisa Bloom which features the woman’s request, and he put the caption “I could’ve been dead!!! Money huh? Now y’all can see.” Along with that, Hitmaka shared screenshots of the woman’s alleged DMs to him. 

Update 03/18/2020 9:24am:

Producer HItmaka, aka Yung Berg, addressed allegations that he pistol-whipped a woman who was reported to be his girlfriend, which he says isn’t true. 

Hitmaka shared a statement from his lawyer, who claims that the woman, Talia Tilley, “planned and coordinated [a] home invasion robbery and assault” on March 14 at Hitmaka’s home. After being intimate with Hitmaka, Tilley allegedly started slapping and punching him repeatedly, and he defended himself. While Tilley was attacking Hitmaka, the alarm for his back door went off, and security footage saw two armed men jump the fence into Hitmaka’s backyard while a third man acted as a lookout. The robbers failed to gain entry into the house.

Following the incident, Hitmaka was able to look at Tilley’s phone and see that she had shared his address with an unknown person. The person was calling and texting Tilley’s phone before, during, and after the attempted robbery. You can check out Hitmaka’s statement, as well as his lawyer’s, above. 

Original 03/16/2020 12:33pm:

Former rapper turned star producer Hitmaka (formerly known as Yung Berg) was recently accused of pistol-whipping his girlfriend.

The police report for the incident noted that Berg and his girlfriend got into a verbal dispute which ultimately led to him pistol-whipping her many times, “resulting in verifiable injuries.”

Because of the incident, the LAPD issued an emergency protective order which bars Berg from coming within 100 yards of the woman. The woman was hospitalized and said to have facial lacerations, a closed fracture of nasal bone, and a closed head injury which required several stitches. The situation is still under investigation by the LAPD, and Yung Berg has not been arrested by police at this time.

source: The Blast