6ix9ine is challenging his fellow New York rappers to give back to their communities and says that if they don’t, they’re “bums.”

He may be one of the most controversial figures in the rap community currently, but that hasn’t stopped Tekashi 6ix9ine from calling out his fellow artists. Tekashi 6ix9ine made a slew of new enemies after he turned state’s witness against his Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods associates, and since the rapper’s release, he’s continued to make waves in the industry. On Thursday (May 28), in a since-deleted video, 6ix9ine had a message for other New York rappers, calling them out for not spending stacks in the state’s communities while buying themselves luxury items.

In his clip, 6ix9ine said that he has an issue with rappers who always say that they’re the “king” or the “prince” of New York, but don’t “put on nothing for the city.” The rapper went on to say that there are people who still don’t have jobs because of this COVID-19 pandemic and citizens are going hungry, but his fellow New York spitters haven’t done anything about it.

“IF YOU A RAPPER FROM NEW YORK AND YOU AINT GOT ATLEAST 100K TO GIVE BACK TO OUR CITY FOR PEOPLE IN NEED YOURE A BUM,” 6ix9ine wrote in the caption to his video. “GOD GIVES YOU A GIFT ITS NOT JUST FOR YOU ITS TO HELP OTHERS IN NEED. BROKE N*GGAS GONNA IGNORE IT.” This has been interpreted as a jab to Lil Tjay who recently made claims that he’s the King of New York. Check out 6ix9ine’s video and message in full below.