Darnella Frazier, 17, was the person behind the camera that recorded the heinous killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN. The now-viral video lit the match of civil unrest in Minneapolis and sparked solidarity protests across the country. However, the teen says she is traumatized by the online abuse.

“I don’t expect anyone who wasn’t placed in my position to understand why and how I feel the way that I do,” Frazier shared on Facebook. “I am a minor! 17 years old, of course I’m not about to fight off a cop I’m SCARED wtf. I don’t give 2 f**** about what y’all would’ve did because was y’all there?? NO. Fighting would’ve got someone else killed or in the same position George (may he rest in peace) was in. If it wasn’t for me 4 cops would’ve still had their jobs, causing other problems.” 

In a clip with the news outlet Now This, Frazier said, “I watched this man die. I was the one that was recording the whole thing. I’ve seen him die. […] I posted the video last night, and it just went viral. And everybody’s asking me how do I feel? I don’t know how to feel. … It’s so sad, bro. This man was literally right here, 8 p.m. yesterday.”