With hype picking up, Punch provides an intriguing update on the status of Kendrick Lamar’s anticipated new album.

Kendrick Lamar is a truly rare sort of artist, one that can shift the culture upon releasing a new album. Beyond that, he’s one of the few rappers who doesn’t need to drop on a consistent basis, having earned the undying loyalty of his fans through his compelling and innovative music. On that note, Kenny recently confirmed that he’d be emerging with a reinvented sound, citing his desire to keep himself creatively stimulated with every release. Other than that, however, details surrounding his upcoming studio album are utterly scarce.

And then we have Punch. While the TDE President has been somewhat vocal, albeit vague, about Kendrick’s next release, it should be noted that he’s also notorious for trolling, taking the piss out of eager fans. As such, his words should always be taken with more than a few grains of salt — especially when they’re on the optimistic side. 

On that note, Punch recently answered a fan inquiring about a potential release date, teasing that Kenny’s album would be arriving “pretty soon.” Upon being asked for clarification, Punch doubled down with a “soon soon,” though he does admit he’s been saying the same thing since DAMN. In fact, it’s never quite clear as to when Punch is being serious, which ultimately makes his Twitter feed so enjoyable to unpack. On the topic of Kendrick’s new album, however, it does feel like the wheels are indeed in motion — do you think it’s going to arrive before the end of the year?