The music legend stars in her “Lose Yourself” music video and even called her to check up on her during her pregnancy.

It was an emotional exchange on Instagram Live as Teyana Taylor spoke with Elton John. In May 2019, Elton John praised Teyana’s talents and said that she was an artist who he admired. When planning the creative direction for her newly-released “Lose Yourself” music video, Teyana asked her team if it would be possible to have Elton John open the scene by playing the piano. He obliged, and the two were able to create a bit of music history together. The pair of artists spoke with one another on a Live split screen, and as Elton lavished compliments onto the singer, she couldn’t help but tear up.

“It was a no-brainer for me. I love you,” Elton John told Teyana of making the decision to appear in her music video. “I love what you do. I love how you sing. You are, for me, one of the most exciting artists of the whole last three or four years. For me, it was a personal honor that you reached out to me to be in the video. I had no hesitation because I love you very, very much.”