He continues to wish her well and will handle business, but he’s unsure that there will be a resolution to their personal problems.

The legal battle between Megan Thee Stallion and her label 1501 Certified Entertainment hasn’t let up. Things became tense between the two entities last year after Meg inked a management deal with Roc Nation. According to 1501’s founder, Carl Crawford, he wasn’t notified of his artist’s new deal and things began to take a turn. There were rumors of contract re-negotiations gone bad and soon, news of lawsuits took over headlines. Still, Megan Thee Stallion continues to be a 1501 artist, and Crawford said he wishes her nothing but the best.


“Well, I mean make it look like we parted ways but we still is heavy talk,” Crawford said. “We still contractual together so of course, we want her to do well. Bad is not gon’ benefit us if she does bad. We want her to do well, but we just want her to honor her contract. That’s the whole big deal about this situation. They didn’t want to honor her contract. They wanted to switch a few things but they never would talk to me about it. They just sent the lawyers to me and all that stuff.”

“Things kinda went left and it’s unfortunate.” Even with the strain on their relationship, Carl Crawford is confident that there will be a resolution. “Trying to get the contract renegotiated. We’ll definitely handle the business part, but just as far as the personal stuff, I don’t really know about it. The business part is what we’re working on so we’re definitely taking care of that part, hopefully soon.” Check out Crawford’s interview below.