Kehlani explains why she shared such a passionate, lengthy message about Bryson Tiller.

Following the release of the “Always Forever” video, Kehlani felt compelled to explain her previous comments about her collaborator Bryson Tiller.

In the video, the two get very close. Bryson is currently in a relationship with Kendra Bailey, so fans found it weird that he was cuddling up with Kehlani in the video, not realizing that they were just doing it for art’s sake. 

Confusing people even further were the Bay Area songstress’ words about Bryson.

“To one of my dearest friends.. matching tattoos, years worth of stories, nights of dying laughter and holding each other down in the roughest times.. I’m so proud of you. Thank you for being so solid. Always Forever music video out now @brysontiller,” wrote Lani on Instagram.

Because of how people have reacted to her message, the singer felt as though she needed to clarify. She used her Instagram Stories to explain.

“I post lengthy captions about all my friends,” she said. “You would have to follow me to know that. Lengthy posts when their albums drop, birthdays, collabs with them, etc. That’s just me. But bless it! Cheers. Goin back into the cuuuutz. NEW FEATURES DROPPING TONIGHT.”