The Los Angeles Clippers were quite possibly the NBA’s most disappointing team after losing in the semifinals of the 2020 playoffs. As a result, the Clippers have made some major changes at the helm by replacing Doc Rivers with Ty Lue, but one basketball great believes the Clips need to do more to ensure a championship berth. 

On his podcast, “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” O’Neal suggested that the Clippers ought to consider trading Paul George. “They need to get rid of someone,” said Shaq. “You gotta use [George] to get two good solid players because I need Kawhi to be the man. See Kawhi, I don’t want Kawhi to delegate… when Kawhi was with Toronto he knew he was the man, everybody knew he was the man. Now you got one guy that thinks he’s the man, one guy that is the man.”

Shaq pointed out the deleterious effects of a team going through that type of power struggle, something he’s familiar with dating back to his internal war with the late-great Kobe Bryant. Despite the Clippers giving up so much to land George just a year ago, trading him doesn’t seem implausible. However, what they get in exchange for George could put them in an even worse predicament than they currently find themselves.