Jim Jones reflects on the unlikeliness of a G-Unit vs Dipset Verzuz battle, citing a lack of camaraderie as one of the many reasons.

Ever since Gucci Mane and Jeezy used the Verzuz platform to squash a fifteen-year-old and notably violent beef, many have wondered whether competitive hit battles truly hold the key to rap game harmony. And though such a conclusion is unlikely, that hasn’t stopped speculation that former foes could one day share the stage for our collective entertainment.

During a recent appearance on the Joe Budden Podcast, Jim Jones mused on the possibility of a Dipset Vs. G-Unit battle, after Joe, Rory, and Mal raised the topic with Swizz Beatz. Now, for those who don’t know, 50 Cent and Jim Jones aren’t exactly the best of friends, having exchanged words several times, even as recently as this year — the animosity has been long-running, the result of a heated feud between G-Unit and Dipset that once prompted Cam’ron to taunt Fif with a notorious and condescending “Curtis” on Hot 97. Suffice it to say, the history between the legendary New York crews isn’t exactly rosy.

From the sound of it, Jim Jones agrees with that assessment, showing reluctance to speak on a hypothetical Verzuz against G-Unit. As he frames it, there’s simply not enough camaraderie to imbue the battle with the gravity it deserves. “People would love to see Dipset vs. G-Unit, but I doubt that would happen,” explains Jones. “There’s no camaraderie. What we gonna listen to twenty 50 Cent records pretty much? But let me stop taking jabs.” He does, however, acquiesce that a match-up against The LOX would be far more appropriate, given their shared similarities.

“If there were a chance for the G-Unit thing would happen, it wouldn’t exactly count it out,” says Jones. “I’d say it would probably be even more aggressive than even the Jezzy-Guwup Verzuz. I wanna wrestle and fight and shit.” Check out Jim Jones’ call into the Joe Buden Podcast below, kicking off around the eight-minute mark. Were the two crews to defy expectation and actually face-off, who do you think would take it down? And if it doesn’t happen, there’s always the chance we see Jones facing off with French Montana.